How does the Grandparent DNA test work?

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Grandparent DNA Test

A Grandparent DNA test compares a child’s genetic material (DNA) with the DNA of one or more other individuals in order to determine whether the child can be viewed as a biological grandchild of the other individuals. A DNA test involves taking a sample of your genetic makeup, usually a cheek swab, and comparing it to the other parties’ DNA. Different chromosomes and DNA sequences can be used to determine your relationships with other people.

Grandparent DNA Test

The more similar your DNA sequence, the better your relationship with the other party. Although Grandparent DNA testing differs from Paternity DNA testing” that the child’s DNA is compared to the Grandparent’s DNA, Paternity DNA testing requires samples from the Alleged Father and the child for comparison. In Grandparent DNA testing, however, DNA samples are obtained from the child and the Grandparent’s DNA is compared to the child.

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