Using Deceased DNA For Postmortem Genetic Testing

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Deceased DNA testing is something done after an individual’s death. The main goal of this testing is to identify the cause of death or to check whether the blood relatives are at risk of genetic disease or not.

Although deceased DNA testing is not an easy feat to achieve because of all the additional issues that arise after the death of an individual. It is a common DNA test due to many reasons.

Some of the most basic reasons why people go for the Deceased DNA testing are sample collection and insurance coverage.

Deceased DNA testing

Why Deceased DNA testing?

One of the major factors that cause young death below the age of 35 years is genetic disorders. The cause of sudden cardiac death in individuals less than 35 years had no previous signs or family history of the disease.

According to recent studies, you can detect about 25-35 % of the cases of SCD by using genetic testing.

Some of the reasons for keeping a sample from the loved dead ones can be to:

  • Get a proper closure and explanation of the death.
  • Discover a suspected diagnosis on time.
  • Identify the cause of death.
  • Give the family members a chance to test and treat if any specific genetic disease was the cause of the death.
  • And all this is not possible without having a proper DNA sample of the deceased individual.

When you should save the sample for genetic testing?

If the cause of death was one of the following:

  • SIDS or SUID
  • Thoracic aneurysm
  • Genetic diagnosis
  • Cardiomyopathies

If the autopsy finding shows the following:

  • Sudden death with no clear reason
  • Unexplained hypoglycemia or acidosis
  • Lethargy/ vomiting/ fasting 48 hours before death.

Deceased DNA testing

If the circumstances of death are drowning, vehicle accident, or unexplained seizure.

Family history of inherited genetic disease, SIDS/SUID, Reye Syndrome, etc.

How we can help?

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