What is a forensic DNA test? How does DNA profiling help in forensics?

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Forensic DNA testing

Forensic DNA testing is a very powerful technique that has turned the criminal case study around and has become the new standard of forensic science. This technique uses DNA profiling in criminal investigations, like comparison of criminal suspects’ profiles with DNA evidence to determine the possibility of their involvement in the crime.

Other than that DNA profiling can also be used for other tests such as paternity tests, immigration eligibility tests, ancestry tests, and medical research.

Forensic DNA testing

DNA profiling in forensics DNA testing

This technique has revolutionized the criminal justice system completely, DNA profiling has even helped solve decades-old cases.

How does it work?

Obtaining appropriate DNA evidence is the initial stage in Forensic DNA Testing. During police investigations, DNA is frequently recovered at crime sites, so a minimal quantity of cells from a person’s skin or hairs — or fluids like blood, saliva, or semen — can be obtained from this site to create a unique DNA profile. Then the people of interest are requested to voluntarily submit a DNA sample. The courts can order a suspect to take a legal DNA test if there is a substantial body of evidence against them.

Then the forensic scientists separate the copied markers from the DNA sample found on-site. Then suspect’s DNA sample and read the obtained data to compare the number of repeats for each marker and their position in both the samples to determine whether the DNA found on the crime scene belongs to the suspect or not.

Forensic DNA testing

How to choose a good company for forensic DNA testing?

For legal DNA tests, you should look for a company with accreditation of regulatory bodies like AABB, which has a good reputation and client reviews. Because the court does not approve DNA tests done from non-accredited companies.

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