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Sibling DNA testing

Whenever we joke around with our siblings we always say “You are adopted”, may it be in a fun way or in a serious way, hearing this sentence can sow a seed of doubt in one’s heart and sometimes people start doubting their roots. So what can two people do when they want to figure out whether they share the same father or mother, but the parents in question are not there to prove their paternity.

Sibling DNA testing

In such cases comes the sibling DNA test. Sibling DNA test uses the statistical analysis of DNA samples of two different individuals to determine the possibility of them being potential siblings. The Sibling DNA test can have three conclusions:

  • Full siblings means they share both the same father and mother and they have a 90%+ genetic match.
  • Half siblings which means they share up to 50%-89% common genetic material.
  • Unrelated which means they are not related genetically and are not siblings at all.

How does this test work?

This test requires the gentle removal of a DNA sample using a cotton swab from the inside of the individual’s cheek. It is necessary to convey as much information as possible. For example, if two persons have the same mother but are unclear if they share the same father, it is critical to inform the DNA testing lab. This will allow them to use the proper siblingship test, which will yield a definitive result.

Sibling DNA testing

Sibling DNA tests usually give the accuracy of at least 99 percent to confirm the kinship between the two persons in question.

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