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What is DNA testing for a child’s survivor’s social security benefits?

In unfortunate cases where the parent passes away but their names are not on the child’s birth certificate can deprive the child of the social security benefits, they could get to live their lives until they can provide for themselves. Especially in the case of fathers, if the father of the child has passed away and their name is not on the child’s birth certificate the mother must move quickly to prove paternity test as soon as possible.

DNA testing

Benefits for a child’s survivor that require DNA testing

  • Although the process of getting social security benefits for a child of a deceased parent can be stressful and tough the child needs to sustain a worry-free life if no other source of income is available.
  • The evidence you might need can depend on what kind of benefits are you assigned. But most of the time you are required to provide the death certificate of the parent and the birth certificate of the child with the name deceased parent’s name mentioned on it.
  • For survivors benefits for a child also, you will be required to submit proof of parent’s death with the death certificate and birth certificate with the name of the deceased parent listed on it.
  • If the name of the deceased parent is missing on the birth certificate then proving paternity after death to social security is requested. A paternity test is the most commonly used method and is available for families.
  • To collect the sample a DNA sample collector collects the sample on-site at the funeral home before the deceased parent is buried. Or the DNA sample can be collected from the coroner’s office.

On an important note, the sample collection in such cases is time sensitive so taking quick action is necessary.

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