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A paternity DNA test is a test that is usually done to determine the biological relativity between an alleged father and child. There are two ways through which you can determine the paternity legal paternity tests or using home test kits.

paternity test

What’s’ the difference?

  • The legal paternity test is done to prove paternity in the legal court. Paternity can only be approved in court when the test is done following the legal procedure. Whereas the home test kit for paternity tests is done for self-satisfaction.
  • The legal test results are sent straight to the court and the court announces the result whereas the home DNA test kits send the result directly to you.

Effect of legal paternity DNA test on the birth certificate

  • Although obtaining a legal paternity test does not alter the birth certificate, the results of the test can be used to request changes to the birth certificate. You can request a change in the details from the Department of Vital Records or another regulatory entity within your area.

Does every court accept the legal paternity test?

  • No, not every court accepts the legal test results but if they do the result must be a legal test result done through an accredited company. The court does not approve a home test result as evidence.

paternity test

Is it necessary for a mother to give a paternity test?

  • No, but in cases where having the mother’s DNA can help the test result for example in the case of a grandparentage DNA test, getting a DNA sample of the mother is advised.

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