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Risk and limitations of DNA testing
October 12, 2021
DNA Test
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October 26, 2021
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DNA Test
  • Plant to insect Gene transfer; 1st of its kind.

Chinese researchers have recently conducted a transfer of genes from plants to insects generally the transfer of genes is done amongst the family members of the same species, but in these case genes happen among the same family that too, a specific species but in this case plant to insect gene transfer has a change in species. The Silver leaf Whitefly’s genes were integrated with plant DNA. The cotton crops of India are worst hit by Whiteflies so it could be a good solution for India too.

  • DNA based Corona Test

Researchers from the United States have come up with a new covid test, to analyze DNA in the blood sample of a covid patient. This could improve the identification of individuals at higher risk. Mitochondrial DNA would be analyzed in this process.

DNA and Tissues

  • mRNA used in covid


The United States biotech firm notified that the covid 19 vaccines are 94.5% potent. This is the first time mRNA is being used in manufacturing a vaccine. It improves the speed of regenerating antibodies and helps build the immune system to fight corona virus proteins in the body.

  • JNCASR prospers Alzheimer Inhibitors

Researchers of Jawaharlal Nehru Centre of Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR), devised an organic product for Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s accounts for 70% or above of every type of dementia, it is a challenge to make products and medications for such disorders. The key reason behind this disorder is the abnormal layer of protein that builds around the brain.

  • DNA from the environment can be now pulled

Scientists from the United Kingdom victoriously secluded airborne mammalian DNA. This shows that just like water, mammals leave an invisible trail that now the researchers have mentioned. This is the first step in acquiring samples from the air that have been detected, which is very exciting. The researchers also added that these discoveries will open doors for new areas to research upon.

  • Residual DNA: Uncovering ancient DNA

Mankind has lived through generations and has survived every stepping stone that came in the way be it infections, viruses, and war, etc. A sample of ancient human species DNA is a blueprint of evolution. Researchers plan to study that sample thoroughly and analyze it to uncover the effects of historic events and the lives and biology of modern-day humans.

DNA and Tissues

  • Alternate History for Japan: Ancient DNA collected from Human bones.

DNA collected from foregone human bones has rewritten early Japanese history by emphasizing that the present population of Japanese has a Trinitarian genetic origin. Before this dual genomic ancestry was accepted widely and will be refined after this new eye-opening discovery. The study added, in the third and seventh centaury’s one more genetic component spread across Japan.

  • Studies show pollution damages our DNA

Daily our body is hit with a lot of pollution now these days; pollutants like smoke, UV rays, and industrial chemicals are damaging our DNA and tissues. Recent studies show that with the increase of industrialization and pollution because of it, the pollutants have started damaging our DNA and tissues and this, in turn, is speeding up the process of aging amongst humans. The results of the study suggest that one day DNA damage may cause premature aging of the entire body. Sure some of the pollutants could not be avoided. Though major changes in lifestyle are bringing in healthy lifestyle choices may show this process.

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