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October 9, 2021
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October 14, 2021
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DNA testing has a lot of benefits once you get to know more about it but as you know a coin is always two-sided so there are some risks and limitations associated with genetic testing. As people are getting to know about the DNA testing they are now aware about the benefits of testing but people have started being peculiar about the risks and limitations that are involved with genetic testing. People should be aware about it and should empower themselves with knowledge, to be clear about the testing.

Diagnosed Condition


The physical risks accompanied with most of the test of the genetic test are very low and small in which the sources of the genetic sample involve blood tests, saliva but on the contrary, the process used for prenatal testing carries a little or small risk as the sample needs to be collected from the tissue of the fetus which is nonnegligible. Other risks that are connected with DNA testing could be social, psychological, and emotional. Unexpected test results could bring out emotions of anger, guilt, and denial about the results. The possible negative outcome of the genetic testing results has led to a certain curiosity amongst people and has brought out the desire to know more about themselves and their genealogy. World wide cases of tension created between the families because of the test results have increased.

Diagnosed Condition


Genetic testing can definitely provide a little information about your inherited medical condition if you have some. The test cannot determine if the person will show the symptoms of the inherited condition or how severe the symptoms of the condition could be, it cannot tell you the chances of progressing of the condition. One other huge limitation of DNA testing is whether there is a treatment strategy for the diagnosed condition.

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