Mistakes to avoid during an Immigration DNA Test

Forensic DNA Testing
Forensic DNA testing with rootless hair
June 14, 2022
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DNA Immunity Test
June 20, 2022


If you are looking for fast immigration DNA test results to move on to the next step in immigration, these are the few mistakes you need to avoid:

Not Using an AABB-Accredited Immigration DNA Laboratory

Only a lab certified by AABB can request and execute a legal immigration DNA Test. It is an independent organization that sets the standards for DNA testing processes and quality control. Not using an AABB accredited lab which costs in rejection of the DNA test results. And hence delay in the immigration process.

Immigration DNA Test

Conducting DNA Tests before Approval

Doing the DNA test sooner to verify a biological connection might sound like a great idea, but that can result in major errors. The authority will reject that test result even if it’s from an AABB-accredited lab. You must always wait for documentation from USCIS that especially demands immigration DNA testing before proceeding. Unapproved DNA-test results might very well lead to a delay or refusal by USCIS. So, USCIS may need you to retake your DNA test at your own expense.

Delaying the Testing Process/ Failure to Meet the Deadlines

When you get permission from USCIS to get a DNA test and have all the appropriate documentation, USCIS usually gives you a 90-day time limit to perform the DNA test.  People misunderstand the time it requires for the benefactor in different nations. And as a result, faced rejection from USCIS.

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