Importance of Informed consent in the process of DNA testing

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What is informed consent in the process of DNA Testing?

Informed consent means that the person who is about to have the DNA test has been fully informed about the testing procedure, the possible result of the test, and its benefits and limitations. This process of teaching a person about the procedure of DNA testing so that they can make an informed and educated decision about the test and then obtain their permission to go through with the test is known as informed consent.

Usually, the informed consent is given by the individual who is about to take the test but in some cases where the alleged is not in the position of giving consent for example in the case of children or an individual with impaired mental status, the consent can be provided by the guardian or parent of the individual.

informed consent in dna testing

Who obtains this informed consent?

Generally, the consent is obtained by a genetic counselor or doctor. They also discuss the issue and test and your query related to the test. Then if the person is willing to take the test they will sign the consent form.

Some of the instructions that are present on the consent form are:

  • Information about the DNA test and its purpose.
  • The procedure of the test.
  • Possible outcomes of the test and the meaning behind it.
  • The possibility of using the results for research purposes.
  • How and to whom the result of the test will be reported to?
  • Certain circumstances in which the results can be disclosed.

Inform consent are important because it helps a person understand what they are doing this test for. And since these consent forms are not a contract the individual has to authority to change their mind even after giving their consent initially.



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