Deceased DNA Testing for Social Security Benefits

Forensic Infidelity DNA test
Forensic Infidelity DNA test
January 18, 2022
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January 20, 2022

Deceased DNA testingDeceased DNA testing can help in many ways if, in some ill-fated circumstances a person dies, social security benefits can help the spouse or children of that deceased person. If the next to kin qualify for survivor social security benefits they might not have a very comfortable life but it can surely help them make it through. But if there is no mention of one’s parentage on a child’s birth certificate it can make it difficult for them to qualify as that person’s child in legal terms.

Deceased DNA Testing

Here comes DNA testing of the deceased person not only can it prove in court the inheritance but can also be used to provide solid proof of the relationship between the child and the deceased.

How the DNA testing for the Deceased is performed?

To determine the parentage using forensic samples from deceased individuals, DNA is collected from the deceased person, collection of sample is only done by an authorized person from Human Tissue Authority licensed premises.
But first, you have to confirm whether a sample is available from the deceased party. And it is to be kept in mind that samples collected from chapels are not licensed by HTA so they cannot be used for legal purposes.

Deceased DNA Testing

For the collection of samples from the other party, the sample is collected by rubbing a cotton swab on the inside of the cheek.

New York DNA testing

Then DNA sequence is determined from the samples and resulting DNA from both samples is compared to determine the relation of the deceased with the person in question.

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