Are There Any Alternatives For Paternity Tests?

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Pregnancy can be difficult, especially when the paternity of the child is in question. And adding this uncertainty to a bowl of emotions can only complicate the procedure. Having no knowledge of paternity test can be stressful. Also, you might not be comfortable discussing this topic with others. That’s why it’s crucial to know of the alternatives that you can use to determine paternity.

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Some of the ways you can use to determine paternity are:

By using a conception date

Figuring out the day of your child’s conception date might help you figure out who the father is. Based on that date, you can narrow down the list to the person you were dating around that time.

Ovulation cycle

Ovulation usually happens 12-16 days before your period if your cycle is regular. If you know when your next period is due, you may roughly estimate when you were likely to have conceived.

Paternity by blood type

Although it’s not a full-proof method, you can determine paternity by using a blood group. Using blood groups can rule out men who do not match the list. This is because we pass red cell antigens as dominant features. Thus, a kid cannot have a blood type antigen that is not present in one or both parents.

For example- if the child has an O blood type and the mother and potential father are both in group A the guy cannot be the father.

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Important information you must know about these methods:

Although these methods can provide some insight into the mystery father, they cannot prove it with 100% surety. That’s why, if you want to be certain about paternity, a paternity DNA test is necessary.

A paternity DNA test can help you be completely certain about who the father is. A legal paternity test can even prove paternity in a court. Which is helpful to get child support or child custody.

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